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Slack send direct message to multiple users

TL;DR When using Slack you need from time to time to send Slack mass direct messages. These messages could be reminders, tasks, surveys and more.

In addition, in many cases, especially when you have channels with prospects and customers you'd need to send bulk messages to Slack channels. These messages could be inform your customers about an outage, release notes or other announcements.  

Worknet is uniquely supporting this need.

How is it done?

You can find the bulk message in the Worknet inbox experience. Which is part of the Slack Worknet app. You can install it for a free trial using this link.

When clicking the bulk message you'll be able to send mass messages to multiple users as well as to multiple Slack channels. You'll also be able to reuse messages that you previously sent.

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If you need an advanced formatting, attachments, etc,. You should consider this powerful option. You'd write any message using Slack native formatting including attaching image files. When you are satisfied with the message you can use the Slack message shortcut to select Worknet Bulk messaging. It'll convert the message into the bulk messaging format which is required by Slack and you can then sent it to multiple users in a DM or to multiple channels.

You can also use the channel group option to group multiple channels by segment e.g. strategic, SMB, etc or by owner and then just select the group which will pull all the associated channels.

Happy mass messaging. Feel free to reach out to for any questions that you may have.

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