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AI-guided agent support, harnessing customer data and connecting with experts.
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Boost customer satisfaction for faster business growth

"Raise support team productivity by 20% and enhance CSAT metrics.


Boost efficiency: type 'I'm on it,' and let Worknet create a customized response customized message in your preferred style


At the conclusion of a shift or upon completing a ticket, ensure you acquire a comprehensive summary that encompasses all essential.

Generate Help Article

When a ticket reveals a knowledge gap, Worknet can proficiently draft a help article in your preferred style and desired structure

Suggest a response

Worknet can recommend a response based on your knowledge base articles, aligning with your established style and tone.

Elevate your customer teams through the fusion of AI and human collaboration

Turn your cases into knowledge

Turn your conversations into knowledge

Your Salesforce cases and ticket history contribute to building a customer knowledge base, which is subsequently utilized to recommend responses
Integrate Knowledge Base Articles into Responses.
Include Cases as Data Sources.
Leverage Official Knowledge Bases and Direct Expert Insights.

Aid your agents resolving issues

Utilizing troubleshooting articles, existing Salesforce cases, and internal conversation notes.
Use customer-specific data.
Integrate with diverse customer data systems like

Stripe, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Amplitude.

Highly personalize your customer service

Utilize customer data to empathize by stepping into their shoes, providing unparalleled service that your customers will cherish.
Collaborate with Key Experts for Guidance.
Utilize Worknet for Expert Advice.
Access Expertise Across Teams.

Engage experts to swarm with you

Worknet identifies the relevant experts and teams, then initiates swarm conversations to speed up issue resolution
Locate the experts.
Accelerate the case swarming process.
Facilitate AI and human collaboration.

Success metrics

Monitor website success metrics for insights, improvement areas, and performance optimization to achieve your goals.

Track success metrics on your website to gain insights and identify areas for improvement, so you can optimize performance and reach your goals.


more tickets resolved


Faster time-to-resolution


Improved CSAT

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy Is Our Utmost Priority

Your Data Security and Privacy is our top priority

Worknet holds SOC 2 Type II certification, adheres to GDPR and CCPA compliance, and maintains the highest data security standards as a commitment.

Worknet is SOC 2 Type II certified and complies with GDPR and CCPA. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for data security.

Security & Privacy

G2 awards 2023

Ready to see how it works?

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