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Intercom Slack integration - bi-directional

Work in Slack and/or in Intercom and Worknet will ensure that both environments are in sync. Take advantage over Intercom SLA and Knowledge management and Slack's ability to get teams to effectively collaborate and help each other.  

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what Worknet can do for you

upsell/cross sell
ticket deflection
customer satisfaction

Worknet’s ability to turn threads into Intercom cases was a game changer for us”

Director of Customer Support, Enterprise Accounts

Two clicks setup 

  • Install the Slack Worknet app

  • Connect it to your Intercom service by simply typing the subdomain

  • Bi-directional sync is enabled


Create a ticket

  • Click the emoji and a ticket is created

  • You can modify certain properties from Slack Including:

    • Status

    • Prioirty

    • Assignee

    • Type

    • Tags


Sync messages & auto status update

Messages posted in Slack will be synched to Intercom

Messages posted in Intercom will be posted back to Slack

Status will automatically be changed based on messages.

  1. As en example when a customer sends a Slack message the Intercom ticket will be reopened. 


Support internal notes

  • You can add an internal notes only for your team in Slack 

  • It'll be synchronized back to Intercom as an internal note

  • And you can post an internal note in Intercom which will be shown in the Slack thread only for your team



  • Obtain service metrics regarding Slack messages.

  • See customer success metrics such as first touch, response time and time-to-resolution.

  • Present team productivity in a leaderboard.


integrated controls

  • Seamless integration with Salesforce, Zendesk and Intercom.

  • Intelligence identifies and creates tickets from messages.

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SOC 2 Type II compliant for data security

trusted partner

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