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worknet supercharges client communication in Slack. Personalize and automate message sequences, surface and triage requests, and measure customer engagement and identify stakeholders.

know your customers




  • Automate communications based on customer milestones
  • Quickly scale and manage customer interactions across shared channels
  • Increase productivity and output from client facing teams.


  • Make Happy Customers: Customer requests are quickly and automatically surfaced to the right people. Complex requests are easily triaged to experts and relevant teams.
  • Build Community: With Worknet more than 20% of customer requests are addressed by peers.


  • Bringing social listening technology to customer management and collaboration. 
  • Measuring Response Time: Find and fix SLA and service gaps.
  • Meet Your Stakeholders: Identify advocates and power users
  • Drive Revenue: Measure sentiment and remove blockers to drive renewals and upsells.

for Sales, Success and Product teams

Sales - Account managers

Automated multi-threaded conversations with your customers.

Be part of the customer evaluation team, understand the needs and build rapport with the buyer team.

Customer Success

Effective broad customer team collaboration based on product adoption 

Recognize users and team achievements and encourage usage by incorporating peers into the conversation. 


Get to know the people that use your product and their journey

Bridge the gap between your product usage tools to influence the adoption of each end user, at scale.