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Case swarming drives down resolution time by 48%

Does adding a person to a shared conversation decrease the resolution time?

As part of the series on team-led growth, we’re looking at resolution time.

Within the context of team-led growth - a strategy to build teams across vendors and customers for the purpose of understanding each other and unlocking an ecosystem of potential knowledge and action - resolution time is important because it directly affects the work the team can get done.

When you are a customer with a problem or a question, it makes sense to ask for more help. When you don’t get an immediate response, you’ll probably want to escalate to get more people involved from the vendor side.

Your intuition is right. Our data shows that when additional people from the vendor enter a conversation, the issue is resolved more quickly than in message conversations having only one team member.

But you might not have thought about this the other way around, where the vendor is trying to know how many customer contacts to involve to solve a complex problem.

48% lower resolution time when customers outnumbered team

We found that for conversations with 1-4 participants, adding a marginal customer lowers the median resolution time.

This means:

  • changing a single member conversation from 1 customer to customers dramatically reduces resolution time
  • Adding a customer to a 1:1 conversation improves resolution time
  • Adding a customer to a 1:2 conversation improves the resolution time

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Why would this happen?

We think that team dynamics play into the resolution by building a kind of shared understanding and relationship when larger, more complex issues are handled successfully in the sales, success, and service process.

When that team spans customer and vendor, this team-led growth is a powerful way to solve almost any problem collaboratively.

Key Takeaways to enhance customer success:

  1. Escalations resolve much more quickly when an additional customer contact is added to the conversation
  2. Adding one more team member also resolves an issue much more quickly