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The Importance of Customer Relationship Building

Building customer relationships is an integral part of running a healthy and successful company. After all, customers are the whole reason you are in business in the first place. It takes work building a strong relationship with customers--hard work--and is more often than not achieved over time. Luckily, Slack Connect makes it easy to form solid working relationships. Let’s run through some best practices so you can be well on your way to creating and maintaining a successful business!

Sealing the Deal

Landing a prospect is never an easy task, but it is certainly made easier with Slack Connect. In Slack Connect, you are able to establish a rapport with your prospects faster and in a more human way than email. Your sales and support teams are able to sit at the same virtual table with potential customers--bridging the gap and making it easier to give your prospects the full scope of your product and its features.

Slack Connect abolishes long and complicated emails and meetings; boosting sales and shortening deal cycles. Sales teams who use Slack Connect have experienced 4 times faster deal cycles, and 60% faster response times for customers. Below is a flow chart showing how deals are made in Slack Connect.

Loyalty is Everything

Once you have the customer, it is now time to build the relationship and build it strong. As we all know, customer loyalty is vital for business--especially growing business. Slack Connect allows you to offer your customers personalized and proactive support; increasing trust and retention. Your customer support team can form and closely monitor communication with customers through direct and dedicated channels, where they can also communicate product updates and other vital bits of information that are relevant to the customer.

Here is the basic process for troubleshooting a customer issue in Slack:

  1. Customer support rep sends a message to the customer’s private slack channel.
  2. Customer success triages issue(s) and adds any other relevant team members to the channel.
  3. All parties discuss and remedy the problem.

Providing your customers with quality support is also very profitable. In fact, increasing your retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% or more. To throw some more enticing stats  out there, companies that use Slack Connect have seen a 60% decrease in turnaround time for responses, 3 times faster ticket resolution, and a 30% reduction in workload for customer success teams. The proof is truly in the numbers.

Keep Customers Informed and Engaged

Treating customers as an extension of your team is a great way to boost engagement. Slack has a wonderful little feature called “Workflow Builder” which allows you to automate tasks in Slack and customize the workspace for optimal collaboration. Customers want to know that they are working with real people, not just words in an email.

One feature in Slack that is particularly effective at keeping customers engaged is Success Bot. This is a custom app that allows you to share updates with all of your customers, and you can track the engagement on announcements. Another great way to keep engagement up is to utilize trends and mentions. You can use these features to highlight important or urgent announcements and updates; ensuring that no one is kept out of the loop.

Quality Customer Experience = Positive Relationships

The better the overall customer experience is, the more positive the relationship. This means being there for your customers the moment they need you, not days later with a canned response. The beauty of Slack Connect lies in its ability to keep vendors and customers in close contact. Should an issue arise, the customer success team can be there to triage right away.

Establishing a system where customers can easily access everyone in the vendor company--from the product team to customer success--guarantees a strong and trusting relationship. Asking customers to provide feedback on the workflow can improve the relationship, as well. It not only shows that you value their opinion, but that you are invested in making the entire experience better for them.

In a world where 50% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after one bad experience, it is vital that companies provide exceptional customer service. And, this begins with an outstanding customer experience. You want to know that your customers have confidence in you and your product, and this starts with addressing their concerns in a timely fashion, as well as including them in the process. Frankly, there is no better solution for this than Slack Connect. It is easy to use, encourages collaboration, and keeps all exchanges in one place. Additionally, it is a secure platform; no scam and no spam.

Scale Your Customer Relationships with Worknet

Want to catapult your customer engagement and productivity to even greater heights? Scale your customer relationships with Worknet! With Worknet, you can personalize and automate message and triage requests. So, customers can rest assured their concerns are being addressed, and you can provide them with a level of support that keeps them coming back. Sign up today and see for yourself.