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70% of conversations have 2+ customers

Customers are helping their peers more you expect as a vendor

Team-led growth expects that the teams we create will span departments, groups, and even companies. The “team” might be temporary or permanent, and include members of sales, success, or other vendor departments. It also includes customers.

As vendors, we often think that one of the key benefits of working with customers is the ability to teach customers and share knowledge. But one of the challenges is reaching the right customer inside of an organization. When you start with email, you often get siloed to a single contact and don’t see some of the hidden influencers in your account.

Team-led growth: A surprising impact on quality customer service

70% of conversations have 2+ customers

Would you be surprised to know that across close to a million messages, almost 70% of the conversations had more than one person participate from the customer side? Customers are helping their peers in a team-led growth situation more than you expect.

There are a lot of benefits to maintaining multiple points of contact with a customer. Not only do you gain the ability to recover if one of your contacts leaves the company or is unresponsive, but you also get a better insight into what’s going on across the organization.

When you work together with the customer as a team, it’s possible to create a relationship that’s more partnership-oriented, rather than purely transactional. That collaboration might happen on an individual issue or across product development, marketing strategies, or sales initiatives.

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Insights from Team-Led Growth Research: Enhancing Customer Conversations

  • The median customer response time was 3 minutes (try comparing that with email!)
  • Customers started a conversation 2.4x more often than the vendor team
  • 70% of the time, more than one person participated from the customer side

Key Takeaway for Enhanced Customer Service

  1. One of the goals of team-led growth is to create multi-threaded conversations where multiple people participate on each side
  2. Adding customer touch points increases the ability of finding the right resource internally at your customer
  3. Customers appreciate many to many conversations and prefer them to  1:1 emails in many cases

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