Find Out Why IT & Operations Teams choose Worknet over Halp

Reduce missed messages, automate ticket creation in Zendesk, and increase visibility into team performance

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More automation
better control
Designed for collaboration beyond ticketing
Encourage peer-to-peer support
Group channels by actual usage by member and eliminate queues or triage overlap
Filter messages, channels, tickets, and requests in one thread
Bulk messaging for internal or external communication at scale in Slack
Keep personal communication in Slack and vs. an app
Handle internal notes and satisfaction surveys natively in Slack
Manage ticket status in Slack without switching back and forth to Zendesk
Automatic identification of messages requiring your attention
​Stop switching channels and start focusing on work.  
  • Automatic identification of all pending items
  • Notification for recently created issues
  • Escalate to your team for help  
  • All native inside Slack

No need to access BI dashboard to ensure that you meet pre-defined metrics and targets. Get notifications for:
  • Conversations that haven't been resolved in 36 hours
  • Conversations with more than x people, y messages
  • Recognize team members that helped their peers


  • Measure service metrics like, response time, time to resolution
  • Leaderboard for requestors, contributors and support team
  • Get info about message volume and load

#Zendesk integration

Let your team keep working natively in Slack. No changes. Worknet will seamlessly sync all data to Zendesk:
  • All Slack messages
  • Automatic Zendesk ticket status management
  • Supporting internal notes and CSAT in Slack

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