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Work in Slack. Add Worknet for automation, integration and engagement tools. Worknet empowers you to collaborate with customers to offer a better experience and build team-led value.

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What Worknet can do for you

upsell/cross sell

ticket deflection

customer satisfaction

Worknet helps us auto-prioritize from all angles. This allows us to provide exceptional service and make sure customers can reach out to us in whatever way is best for them.

Director of Customer Support, Enterprise Accounts

Unified inbox

  • Manage all messages across all channels from a single location.
  • Prioritize strategic customers or order by time posted.
  • Create a ticket, refer or dismiss and avoid redundant handling.

Sync messages & auto status update

  • Click the emoji and a ticket is created
  • You can modify certain properties from Slack Including:
    • Status
    • Prioirty
    • Assignee
    • Type
    • Tags

Automated guidance

  • Receive proactive alerts for customer engagement.
  • Immediately be notified of daily escalations.
  • Automate Slack communications based on customer milestones.

Engage proactively

Personalized and Targeted

  • Send to channels or Individuals.
  • Schedule for impact.

Bulk Messaging

  • Segment, personalize accounts.
  • Send on behalf of others.

Slack A/B Testing

  • Count of reactions, of threads.
  • % of channel participants.


  • Automatically uncover information buried in multi-threaded conversations.
  • Identify advocates and power users.
  • Measure sentiment and remove blockers to drive revenue.


  • Obtain service metrics regarding Slack messages.
  • See customer success metrics such as first touch, response time and time-to-resolution.
  • Present team productivity in a leaderboard.

Integrated Controls

  • Seamless integration with Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • Intelligence identifies and creates tickets from messages.
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