Worknet Unveils AI-Powered Team-Led Growth Solution to Empower Revenue Teams

Company also releases new Generative AI integration to further simplify customer communications and make using Slack internally and with customers a powerful tool for driving revenue

REDMOND, Wash., June 13, 2023 Worknet, the first team-led-growth platform that enables diverse customer-facing teams to collaborate internally and with customers for revenue growth by leveraging Slack, has exited stealth mode with $5 million in Seed and pre-Seed funding from Act One Ventures and Founders’ Co-Op, respectively. The company also launched a native integration to GPT 4.0, a complement to its existing AI technology that enables customers to leverage natural language to get organizational knowledge from sales, service, product usage, and communication systems to keep them up to date. Systems like Salesforce, Zendesk and Amplitude.

Worknet empowers teams to collaborate with customers to offer a better experience, giving a new, real-time level of customer experience in applications they’re already living in. It eliminates the communication noise and unifies all the communication in one Slack-native inbox that provides a single, prioritized view of team communications.

“At monday.com we are passionately committed to giving our customers best-in-class support.” Ariel Roitman, Group Manager of CX Knowledge, at monday.com said.  “By implementing Worknet, we transformed our previously manual process of managing internal customer-related questions in various Slack channels into one centralized place. Not only are we able to provide fast and quality answers, but Worknet’s dashboard also gives us clear reporting so we can best manage our team and provide the optimal customer experience.”

The sales technology market increased from US$1.8 billion in 2020 to over US$4.3 billion in 2021. Even as investment slows due to the economic climate, sales technology remains an attractive investment because of the critical importance of revenue operations within every business.

“As the economy has transitioned from feast to famine, products like Worknet that let revenue-generation teams do more with less have become the main differentiator between companies hitting their numbers each quarter and those that aren’t,” Aviel Ginzburg, General Partner, Founder’s Co-Op, said. “Worknet CEO, Ami Heitner, is a proven commodity in the space: as co-founder of Komiko, which was later sold to ZoomInfo, Ami and his team built a revenue intelligence platform that ingested engagement data from email and applied machine learning and natural language processing. At Worknet, he’s again leveraging advanced automation techniques - this time artificial intelligence - to bring customer and sales comms to Slack in a unified manner.”

Alejandro Guerrero, General Partner at Act One Ventures, added, “Every business must have a laser-like focus on customer experience, particularly during a period of economic instability. Customer acquisition and retention are the lifeline for every successful business. However, several factors have changed the relationship between businesses and their customers - the digital savvy of today’s consumer and the heightened expectation of what customer experience should look and feel like, in particular - have made it challenging for internal teams to work together and with their customers to drive success. With its proprietary AI, Worknet has changed how businesses can use Slack to engage customers and ensure delightful customer experiences.”

Worknet brings ChatGPT to Slack, Salesforce and Zendesk

The emergence of ChatGPT has innovators considering how they can use the technology as a knowledge base for workers and customers to improve efficiencies. Today, Worknet announced the availability of ChatGPT in its platform. Worknet customers get assistance responding to customers based on previous conversations and knowledge base,  trend identification and suggested actions, with seamless smart integration to sales and service solutions.

About Worknet

Worknet revolutionizes collaboration between vendors and customer teams to enhance mutual business value within Slack and Microsoft Teams. As the leading team-led-growth platform, Worknet leverages the power of AI to facilitate exceptional customer experiences, driving revenue growth and enhancing customer retention rates.

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