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Provide seamless support to your team members, reduce missed messages and response times, and increase visibility into the work being done by your team.  

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"With Worknet, Financial Force was able to automate the creation of Zendesk tickets from Slack, providing visibility into internal support work that wasn't previously captured. This led to improved visibility into the volume of tickets and a more efficient support process."

Richard Hall 

Senior Director of Business Ops


Unlock the Power of AI to Work More Efficiently

WorknetGPT, the AI assistant that is revolutionizing the way you work in Slack. Slack is a critical tool for modern-day businesses, but it can also be overwhelming and cluttered. WorknetGPT solves this problem by bringing the power of AI directly into Slack, helping you work more efficiently and save time on menial tasks.


Advanced Reporting

  • Measure service metrics such as first response time and time to resolution
  • Access to a leaderboard for requestors, contributors and support team 
  • Gain visibility into message volume and workload 

Seamless integration

Let your team keep working natively in Slack, while capturing all requests in Zendesk automatically, including:
  • Full Slack Message Threads
  • Link back to Slack Message for Attachments
  • Bi-Directional Sync of Comments on Tickets in Zendesk back to Slack Threads
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