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forging a new path for companies to build customer value

At Worknet we're dedicated to developing the resources you require to deliver the exceptional customer experience in an asynchronous world. 

our story

We’re a startup with some big ideas and some amazing design customers working to reinvent how we work in teams and collaborate with customers in an instant, concise (TL, DR), asynchronous world. We employ the power of Slack, leverage the humanization, innovation, and decision-making of collaborative teams, and automate business semantics in order to actualize the next big advancement in the way companies sell, service and add customer value. 

# team-led growth

We believe it's people and collaboration that make companies great.

Team-led growth is about embracing how people want to work today. By leveraging the power of the team and building strong communities, the pace of business accelerates and opportunities expand in ways that can spawn a true competitive advantage.

our team

We're a truly global team with offices in Seattle, Washington and Tel Aviv. We work remotely from around the world.  We welcome those of you who have the enthusiasm, skills and the desire to be the best. For employment opportunities contact us.

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what Worknet can do for you


achieve revenue targets faster


enhance the customer experience


improve KPIs with collaboration

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